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As Brown blonde hair with blond highlights

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Instead of going to a salon and pay $50 or more for the lights, go home. A box of hair stands out in a pharmacy or shop costs between $7 and $20. There are several different colors and shades. Choose a color, gradient, or two more than the current hair color. Dye boxes have combs or caps to apply the dye. Plugs have holes, allowing someone to remove the hair strands through the holes. Tapas are becoming less popular. Combs are easy to use. 

Many women have rinsed your hair at home or in the classroom and he looked in the mirror, expecting to see that it glows, highlights Rubio. On the other hand, often consider streaks of reddish-orange. Even when you shadow right to the blonde highlights, become orange. However, you can avoid inappropriate shows and keep them Rubio more planning in advance.
Appropriate techniques of highlighting

Be sure to use the correct strength of hair dye and leave in the hair for the amount of time. Weak stain and rinse early are common causes of inappropriate programs. Natural hair color is made up of different pigments: red, Brown and blond. Red is the last pigment leave the hair during the bleaching process. If you do not receive all red out, some of it will remain behind, corrupting your blonde color. This is especially true for women who have very dark hair. Some bleaches are strong enough to get all the colors without seriously damaging your hair. An expert colorist is the best person to handle this type of work to highlight.

Highlighting formulas

Drabbers offset, which have a tone of shades of blue, red or orange in your hair. Blue and Orange are opposite colors on the color wheel, to cancel. In hair coloring, add a drabber of hair dye brings closer to a neutral tone colour. An ash blond tones sweetens Wicks a shadow which is more neutral. This can help prevent the shades of red and oranges, if you go just a few shades of your natural color.

Minerals and chemicals in the water can make blonde highlights a different color. Lighten your hair, opens the cuticle of the hair, making it more porous. When hair is more porous, it is more likely to absorb minerals and chemicals. Iron in particular can wreak havoc. Iron, which is found in large quantities in water from well, sticks to the hair, making it coppery or reddish. A water softener reduces the amount of minerals and chemicals in tap water. Use distilled water or demineralization shampoo can prevent and remove iron deposits.

Color correction products

Exposure to other elements can change the color of your highlights, make them look brassy or reddish. Blue shampoos and conditioners as shimmer lights by Clairol can counteract this tonal shift and neutralize it. Shampoo, conditioner and correction of color Mousse John Frieda blonde ambition are some other products that are worth trying, as well as correction of color by Frederic Fekkai shampoo. You can also purchase small tubes of drabber in beauty supply stores and add them to your normal shampoo for the same effect.

Put on gloves. Gloves keep the hands to be discolored. Put a towel around his shoulders. Dissemination of the dye on the comb.

Choose a place to apply the highlights. Comb the hair dye. Apply the highlights with different widths.

Let the dye sit the time indicated in the table. Rinse and apply conditioner.

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