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blonde hair styles latest hair trends

Posted on Monday, February 18, 2013 | 1 Comment

2011 Colour trends are fashion and glamour. Trends are currently undergoing a significant transformation of the Rossi strikes to beautiful blondes. These trends represent more than just selecting a new hair color; It's change and not only a change of tonality, but a dramatic shift, turn the head. The hair color is this year; Just change it. The colors of this year are anything less boring. 

Now different shades are warm and beautiful. The trend most marked for 2011 is the resurgence of red hair; particularly fiery reds who have much sparkle and shine as well as bright shades of ginger and hair even with neon colors red flowing along. All of these options are stylish and it will result in a beautiful appearance.

Blond hair is another color that is all the rage in 2011. There are a variety of blonde shades to choose and 2011 is the year to make the transition. At the moment I am extremely light blonde, toned cooler tones.

Firstly, it is essential to be familiar with the different types of hair dyes available for different types of results. Choose the right color starts by understanding your skin tone. The trick is to nurture and bring out the best of your complexion. Clear skin tones blonde beige or chestnut brown are impressive in a cool hair color. Slightly warmer skin tones look fabulous in rich tones like deep red blonde or cinnamon. The medium to dark skin tones look spectacular in black brown chocolate, Bordeaux, red or even.


  1. Wow i am a natural raven and i am looking for ideas that might suit me! might end up going blond in a while


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