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 What color hair extensions should I buy?

What happens if I receive the wrong colour extensions? Most companies feel these questions all the time. Luckily, there is a color system which can help you in the purchase of online hair extensions. Each pigment has its own number which corresponds to your color. For example the dark black, Jet Black is a # 1 jet black color, # 613 is a blonde Platinum and # 4 is a medium brown and so on.

There are many numbers for each particular tones and hair color. It is better if you know its number before buying online, but if you donâ € ™ t that is acceptable, since many websites will have color graphics that tell you what the number six of the hair. It can be difficult to choose the exact color, since every computer monitor is different and the hair color can change depending on the light. For this reason it is best to know that number six before going online. However, it is not necessary since most of the people is not aware that the number is best for them.

If you have difficulty in choosing your hair color that it is better to contact with the company that you want to buy, you've surely heard talk of all the questions and have someone who can help. You might ask to send a photo, or even send a true champion.
An important piece of advice you need to know when you find out what color to buy hair extensions is to know what color to match it. When looking at your hair make sure you take the colour of bits rather than the roots. But for people who dye the hair, its roots is the natural color.

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