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How to highlight brown hair

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Featured to give depth to the hair without a drastic change or color. Get the look you want is a little more difficult with darker tones and natural so often require bleaching or stripping before the colouring process. This causes an idea?
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Put a glaze on your head and fasten the strap under the Chin. Crochet needle, pull hair through all the holes on the top sections.

Prepare your hair as shown in bleaching product and apply to exposed hair. The suggested amount of time hair left.

Rinse your hair bleaching agent, leave your bathing cap in place. Continue rinsing gently while lifting the hood over the head. Allow enough water to reach the scalp.

Let hair air dry.

Prepare your hair color, as shown. Apply the color to your strands and leave it on the hair during the indicated time.

Remove the lid from icing and rinse your hair until the water runs clear. Style as desired.

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