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how to color hair blonde color hair blonde

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 A simple and fast way change your look or enhance your natural beauty is coloring your hair. In just an hour or less, everything has changed. The key is to choose the color of hair suitable for eyes. Easily perfect shine Brown eyes and stunning sadness. Hair color must always make your eyes pop.

Before coloring your hair, there are two things in mind. Make sure that any color you use is appropriate for your skin tone. It is too dark or light that your skin tone can make you look dull or washed. Skin tones are classified as neutral, hot and cold. Hot looks best in warm colours, cool looks better in cold and neutral colors can work almost any color.

Secondly, make sure that you vary your natural color. If you have dark brown hair and I want to go blonde, choose a hot blonde for best results. Go to extremes can cause damage to the hair and may have different colors for the hair to obtain the desired tone. Move from darkness to light also takes longer to process and requires maintenance and much more.

 Hair brown eye color

The key to choose the color of hair suitable for here is always to avoid tedious Brown, boring. Brown eyes a great work with practically any shades of Brown and blonde tones even many, especially warmer tones. Search for color dimensions to avoid doing both hair and eyes are mediocre. The dark brown eyes the perfect job with darker shades of Brown. Add dirty blonde highlights really differentiates Brown eyes.

If you want to go even darker, Brown eyes look very good with black hair. If you have a fresh complexion, black cannot work well for you. Try to avoid pure black with no shine. Black hair works only for brown eyes when polished.

For blue eyes hair color

Traditionally, the blue-eyed girls are associated have blond hair. This does not mean that it is the only color that looks great in them. Blue, combined with the cold skin, fair eyes look best with warm tones of the blonde, chestnut and red copper. Even rock cooler tones as well. Add touches of gold or red eyes and complimenting skin tone.

Best hair color of blue eyes, combined with the warm skin colors are the colors of beige or ash. Blondes and Browns as chestnut, black and blue Brown dark also work well. Blue eyes can also work. Add even more color with shades of blond, red or purple.

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