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How to naturally highlight brown hair

Posted on Sunday, February 17, 2013 | No Comments

This works very well in light to medium brown hair, although presumably it would work well in other hair colors too. I heard of this procedure by turning some redheads blondes hair, so if you're blonde take care to test it in a little bit of hair first before trafficking throughout the hair.

Buy more commonly available, not much hydrogen peroxide strong product sold in beauty supply stores (unless you want very bleached hair).

Wash the hair and remove excess moisture with a towel. Your hair should be damp. For a touch of light throughout the body, pour the hydrogen peroxide diluted, not over his head and hair.

To highlight blocks, take sections of your hair and dry them with a cloth saturated with hydrogen peroxide. Be sure to get all the way up to the roots.

For lights only the top layer of hair, take the cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide and rub it over the top layer of your hair.

Once you have applied hydrogen peroxide to get the results you want, exit, and stay there until it dries the hair. For best results pick a sunny day when the weather is hot and a breeze blowing.

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