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blonde brown hair color hair color brown to blonde

Posted on Monday, February 18, 2013 | 1 Comment

Bleaching your hair can be a real fun. However, having a perfect blonde hair can be difficult, especially if you are going to do it yourself. This also applies if you have dyed hair many times in the past, since this will cause the hair of a contrast of color. In order to create one coherent bleach everything, it is important that the hair, from roots to ends, has a uniform color. Here are some tips for the hair to help you become a super blonde by bleaching. 

Whitening the natural hair color is a very bold decision, so you have to be very sure before doing so. It is very difficult to return to the natural color of your hair when you had already shut. But if you're ready to have a beautiful blonde for your hair, only make sure hair is clean. Recommended before wash your hair and dry it before bleach.


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