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brown hair color shades - How to choose the best hair in shades of hair color?

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It is important to choose the hair color tones that complement your skin and style. Hair color tones that match India skin tone are different from the popular in the West. Black, Brown, Bordeaux, copper-colored, red, copper red are some of the shade of hair color popular which coincides with the darker complexions in the India. 

Warm and cold skin tone

Choose a hair color that complements your skin color and complete its beauty. All skin colors are divided into two categories of heat or cold skin color.

If you have a yellow skin, gold, olive green or dark and the veins in their interior cuffs are more blue, green complexion is likely to on the side heat. In this case, hair with hot gradient color tones are much better and natural. If you have light skin and burns tanning the skin before he and wrist veins are more blue than green, then you have a cool skin tone and nuances with cold tone fits.

Women with warm skin tones can go for shades of blond hair tones like Brown and gold gold, deep chocolate and Auburn. Cool skin tones may experience with many exciting colors such as orchids, red, Bordeaux, etc..

Permanent and Semi Permanent hair color

Hair color is permanent or semi permanent. If you want to cover grey hair, selecting the permanent hair color is the right choice. Many people avoid permanent color for fear of damaging the hair. However, with advanced technology and market competition, increasingly more companies are devising safer products to 100% customer satisfaction.

If you are coloring your hair for the first time and I'm little worried and afraid to experiment with your appearance, is better to go permanent colors of seeds. One of the best advantages of using hair color semi permanent is washing in several washes.

For the first time, you can also go for shades of hair color slightly darker or lighter within three shades of your natural hair, for a more natural look color.

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