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blonde hair styles latest hair trends 04

Posted on Monday, February 18, 2013 | 1 Comment

If you want to look like all your friends who have natural blond streaks through your hair, you can always try highlights sheet. A stylist or colorist can give bright lights by putting different shades of color or bleach in pieces of hair that has been cut through with a fine tooth comb. Parts are then folded in aluminum foil to keep the rest of your hair color or bleach. When they are made hair processing sheet extrusion are removed and the hair is rinsed and shampoo. After the trial, this good-quality color conditioner is used to protect and strengthen the hair. The climate control is a very important part of this application of staining, since my hair that only I was stressed out to the Max. Don't forget to use hair color products to ensure that does not fade its outstanding. 

Little luz-es an application that uses a darker color in the pieces of hair that is cut through with a comb of fine-tooth and folded into a paper. Shadows are especially good for the hair that has been highlighted with blonde too many times. Add some dark brown, light brown or dark blond also can revive actually spent looking. Sometimes this is done under the silver hair to enhance the beauty of silver gray hair. As with any color service, after obtaining under lights one must always use products formulated for color-treated hair.


  1. Blonde hair does look good and these hair styles are perfect, I liked the second one, thanks for sharing it with us and keep posting such posts for us


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