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 Have you ever wondered if blondes really have more fun? If ever you've been curious, then perhaps it is time to educate yourself about the step. First, find out what kind of blond hair that you want to have-after all, there is a broad spectrum and you want to be sure that the shadow is suitable for you. If you have color shades of roses, hot skin, go for a Golden Sun. If you have a skin with yellow tone, try an Ashy color. Because you're a dark with a lighter, take the colors in the nominal value box and opt for a shade or two lighter than what you want.

Everything will turn out in the wash with time, as you need it to offset slightly from a spectacular change. Make sure that you are buying a permanent color rather than a semi-permanent, you will not be able to lighten the hair to your desired shade. If you want to buy and apply to an agent removal that will help lift the color of your hair. If you're a blonde for the first time, you can skip this step because it will last long and it can be difficult to reverse.

If you are not accustomed to use a stripping agent, you can extract more than your desired color or come irregularly. When you are ready, apply color to purchased according to the instructions in the box. If you are satisfied with the shadow, be sure to keep the color touch up the roots every three to four weeks. Many sell root touch-up at pharmacies in all colors and shades to choose that best resembles your hair. When you are finished, you can party like the best of them!

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