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blonde color hair how to color blonde hair

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 6 tips to keep hair dyed like celebrities

The hair colors are difficult. If you're a user for the first time of colourants, you need to visit a professional stylist. Avoid coloring your hair at home, could be a disaster. Your stylist first examine its type, then examine your skin tone and then decide the appropriate tones.

Remember, never blindly follow the trend. Red hair can look good in Lady Gaga, but it may seem absurd to you. However, red can look beautiful. Choose carefully the nuances of color and style. If you choose wisely, you can become a diva. If you selected incorrectly, it can ruin your overall appearance.

 Consider the color of the eyes and the original hair color. In addition, you should take a good look at her wardrobe. What type of clothes you wear? Six more in casual wear or funky? I love their formal? Can you carry out the new key with their evening dresses or Office wear?

 Reflect and then choose the color. Color healthy and treated correctly can only improve your appearance, if a party or place of work.

For the bronze, dark red skin looks beautiful. Avoid bright red, however. If your skin is pale, avoid shades of dark brown and black, too hard. Peach complexion can be well pink shades or Burgundy. You can also try the lighter shades.

Shades, such as electric blue, bright purple, bright red, and other crazy colors, look good only on celebrities. Let them do the bizarre, as their image can speak for their actions.

Use hair products that are specifically formulated for colored hair. If you got fine, use products that can make thicker. Hair products that you use regularly should be stopped immediately. Colored need extra care and specific products.

Use Keranique hair care products. They are sulfate free and safer for colored. Most of the regular shampoos contain sulfates that can dry the excessively. These products improve the texture, add volume and thickness, and help nourish the scalp. The products are enriched with hydrolyzed keratin, which forms a protective shield along the cuticle to safeguard against external UV damage.

Take care not to plunge into the pool right after coloring the hair. Chlorinated water can harm the fade off the color.

Your favorite celebrity might look hot in her new hair color, but they also follow certain tips to take care of their color treated. It takes efforts to maintain a healthy and gorgeous mane. Once you do it, the rewards are amazing.

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